Protest and Activism

I organized my first protest when I was a freshman in high school. After two short months of organizing with my two closest friends, 300 students walked out together to protest gun violene, while rasing money to donate to victims of it, ending with a mass call session of our legislators. Even though now I feel differently about gun legislation than I did at the time, I'm still grateful for this experience as a start to my organizing.

One year later, I helped organize two climate strikes in Indiana, and also got involved with the High School Democrats of America. I helped expand chapter into new states, set up voter registration drives across the country, as well as build our tech infrastructure.

Now, I'm working with the Connecticut Youth Climate Strike as well as the national organization, helping furthering our policy and platform with leftist, anti-capitalist, and revolutionary policies. I also help develope our existing and new chapters. Currently, we have shifted focus in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement alongside the local protests going on across the country.