Hi! I'm Amogh Chaubey (he/him), a 19 year old student organizer & programmer based in Storrs, Connecticut. I'm passionate about community building, education, & radical politics. Currently, I'm reading The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse.

I woke up in a wonderful new world during high school - I learned how to code. Now I'm exploring this new world of creativity and trying to build everyday. In the past, I worked to make Hack Club's community the best place on the internet. I ran community events, AMA's, worked on their fiscal sponsorship platform, and more.

I also helped organize Windy City Hacks, one of Chicago's biggest high school hackathons. I helped fundraise $15,000, coordinated logistics for the event, and helped lead day-of workshops and activities. Over 300 students registered for the event, several of which were brand new to coding.

In the past, I've worked on technical & non technical roles with campaigns and climate justice groups. Currently, I'm an assistant director for IMUNA, a non-profit, UN Department of Global Education affiliated organization dedicated to education through simulation. I'm helping create engaging and transformative learning opportunities to empower students

You can follow me on Twitter: @amoghchaubey. You can contact me at chaubeyamogh@gmail.com.