Hi! I'm Amogh Chaubey (he/him), a 20 year old student organizer & programmer based in Storrs, Connecticut. I'm passionate about community building, education, & radical politics. I woke up in a wonderful new world during high school - I learned how to code.

In the past, I've worked in technical & non-technical roles for campaigns and climate justice groups. Now I'm helping create engaging and transformative learning opportunities to empower students.

Previously, I worked to make Hack Club's community the best place on the internet. I ran community events for hackers all over the globe, hosted and produced AMA's for some of the biggest names in technology, and worked for their fiscal sponsorship platform which hosts over 500+ organizations with over $5 million in transactions. I also helped organize Windy City Hacks, one of Chicago's biggest high school hackathons. I helped fundraise $15,000, coordinated logistics for the event, and helped lead day-of workshops and activities.

I'm a director for IMUNA, a non-profit affiliated with the UN Department of Global Education dedicated to education through simulation. I research and write on global issues, create educational & accessible content for students all over the globe, and help organize the biggest Model U.N. conference in the world.

You can follow me on Twitter: @amoghchaubey. You can contact me at chaubeyamogh@gmail.com.